Saturday, 5 September 2009

So now you should be getting the idea of how much work goes on behind the scenes. But as i said before you have got it forever once you have saved it. The reason i am bumping my gums so much about cad is that it stands to reason that once this downturn in the economy is over the world is going to be a very different place, people are always going to want things so they still got to be made "BUT AT WHAT COST" well you can make absolutely anything in cad and then turn it over to a cam program cam uses the information in the drawing to make the sucker so it's a no brain'er if you ask me. ps i have been wrong once before but can not remember what it was it was so long ago.
Is it easy to learn ? no it is not well not for me what's the cost ? well how long is a piece of string ? i have never used any other type so i can not compare it with anything else, Autocad seems to be the industry standard but is pricey turbocad starts off very cheap indeed,, Anyway i do not sell it so it is no skin off my nose what you buy ,if you do decide to have a go let me know. The rest of you better get socialised and on benefits because that is what is in store for you i am afraid, there are not the resources on the planet for it ever to come back as it was SORRY

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