Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bumping my gums

Ok why am i telling you all this, Well the world has changed in a big way, Get smart or get on benefits it is that simple, Cad is so clever that at first looks it is not apparent that the features in a cad drawing can be selected as regions for machining in a cam program, i have been playing around with rhino cam in demo mode and it has opened my eyes up i can tell you, take a look at the wire frame drawings in this blog and then think about selecting one of the regions to perform a specific task, Now when i was involved in heavy engineering we had never even looked at a computer, We used to draw everything by hand and then pass the drawings on to the lads and lasses on the shop floor, no big deal is it ? Well yes it why ? Well we made a lot of stuff and a lot of money, But we spent a lot of money as well and always seemed to be chasing our tails well no surprise there then, Is it easy to learn all this ? no it is not i taught myself and took me years, So why bother well if you never read another word in your life read this computers are the way forward what i like about computers is the fact that you can sit there and just keep doing it and doing it again, Does not cost anything can do it in your own home and at your own leisure, when you have the time. keep you out of the pub, keep you away from chicks whatever reason you want, make an excuse to yourself if you want to but "learn it"there is a lot of cad stuff out there and some is very cheap i have never used anything but turbocad so i am not going to do like for like etc, i also have no affiliation with them they will not even put a link to my website, They would not appreciate why i am writing about turbocad ,I am repaying what i consider my dues to turbocad as it has given an old demolition contractor a different perspective and a way of expressing the many years on the road whilst it is true that i have been involved in one way or another with construction plant and equipment since birth really cad gave me a way of sharing that so that is what this blog is all about and as a sag way to the memory of the greatest friend and brilliant engineer it was ever a privilege to work with MIKE REYNOLDS sadly missed rip ok going to grab a coffee and do a bit of cad stuff. ps all the equipment in this blog we actually made apart from the breakers but we did make the mounting saddles for them


  1. Stuart,
    It's good to be back here and read your interesting blog. I am now following you on Google. Hope you'll do the same to me.

  2. Interesting blog on CAD with nice pics.......