Friday, 4 September 2009

mechanical shear fitted to 20 tonne jcb

We made a lot of these under the bulldog brand and were very successful,but were easy to abuse and usually were, If it went in the jaws it got cut, each blade section is 100 mm and this one would of typically be fitted to twenty tonne machine, this one has four blades at 100mm so a jaw depth of 400mm. Later ones we made ended up a bit like a Christmas tree affair when we added a wedge over the retaining nut to beef them up a bit, That said i demonstrated one in south wale's and cut thousands of tonnes of scrap metal with one, without incident, Well a few hundred cigarette's later, Key to smooth operation was a bit of oil thrown on the cutting blades , You would not believe how much difference it made. 10 to 15 inch steel girders were no problem

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