Friday, 4 September 2009

Simplicty is the key

Ok so what's the big deal going on about these shears. Well all you had to was remove the bucket of the machine and stick the shear on,Apart from welding a three hole bracket to the machines dipper arm nothing else was needed the three hole bracket was to allow the opening of the jaws more or less. once welded on at initial purchase ten minutes with a sledge hammer and your digger was transformed into a metal processing plant you could also cut the material over a skip and load at the same time and in fact you could load with it but that was a lengthy process so quicker to swap the shear and fit a grab. My favourite job was cutting gas cylinders with them but not only is that dangerous stupid reckless and irresponsible but that's just me. but seriously i did cut a lot of gas cylinders up with one they were fire extinguisher cylinders (big ones) so i knew there was no danger of them exploding as they were full of inert gas but still not to be recommended, The site agent was none too pleased ps if you ever read this allan penfold how's it hanging

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