Saturday, 15 October 2011

PageRage: Welcome to the unofficial pagerage blog

PageRage: Welcome to the unofficial pagerage blog: Pagerage is a quick and free way to create great looking facebook pages. The software is free but is supported by adverts. You can choose ...

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Say Cheese. Set as my facebook profile back ground

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Have you got an Idea

Ever had an idea and thought how do I transfer that idea into an image or model. ?
Well one of the most powerful aspects of any cad program is to be able to turn that idea into an image.
Product visualisation. Turbocad can turn out very accurate photo realistic print via the lightworks rendering engine. Spot lights and head lights can be turned on and even ambient lights.
There are also a vast array of render scene environments. Shadows and mirror effects are all true to life and colours can be altered through just about any spectrum you want.
Printers are now available that will print out your model in 3d.
The data in the image can be used to make the particular item via a cam program or from a magic eye which is our primary tool.
Obviously once you have your design you have it forever.
That is not the end of it though, You can scale your model in any direction you want so there is no need to redraw the item, Say you wanted one twice as big you would simply scale the item on all three axis.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Welcome to my Turbocad blog

Just a quick introduction into the world of cad "computer aided design" I use cad in the design of mainly demolition equipment but it can also be used for 3d graphics 2d plotting and printing.
I do drop the odd graphics stuff in when I am just doodling to kill a bit of time or just to take me off some where else.
Turbocad is a very powerful piece of software, I do not sell it so don't panic just yet.
There are lots of cad programs out there so I can not compare it to anything else and as far as I know there is no formal qualification for cad as there are so many different types.
Grants are available in the uk to learn cad and if you are thinking of making any thing at all you should seriously consider learning some type.
We used to manufacture all the equipment that you will see on my blogs and it was a very tedious job indeed.
Why cad then ??.. Well once you have done it in cad you have it forever as long as you back your design up of course.
So I will leave it there for today as I am trialling some screen capture software which I hope to capture some screen shots from the user interface and will post them to one of my blog pages